Posted January 23, 2021

Room Attendant

Summary of Position:

The Suite Attendant is responsible for cleaning and stocking guest suites to meet Resort standards of cleanliness

Essential Functions:

  • Clean bathtub, toilet, sink, walls, mirrors, tiles, counters and floor surfaces using cloths, mops, sponges, brushes and/or 3M cleaning agents.
  • Strip and make beds and sofa beds, change bed linens which may require lifting bedspreads.
  • Dust all furniture, pictures, drawers, window ledges, (inside and out door thresholds and shelves thoroughly).
  • Push and pull vacuum throughout entire suite and empty trash.
  • Replenish amenities, linens and supplies in guest suite. 
  • Sweep balconies.
  • Sign for retrieving room keys and turn in keys at the end of shift.
  • Retrieve, push, and restock heavy cart. 
  • Respond, in a timely manner, to guest requests for items such as an iron, safety instructions, assistance, directions and/or information.
  • Report all suspicious persons, activities or hazardous conditions to Security.
  • Turn in all items found in associate’s working area to the resort lost and found, items i.e., jewelry, watches, etc. and immediately call the Housekeeping Department.
  • And any other assignments given by the Housekeeping Management Team, Housekeeping Coordinators and Resort Management Team.


Education: N/A

Experience: Minimum 1 year of Suite Attendant/room cleaning experience preferred

Certificates or Licenses: N/A

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to push and/or pull equipment weighing up to 100 lbs.
  • Ability to scrub and scour surfaces, extending arms over head to perform cleaning tasks and work in confined spaces.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other associates as well as guests.
  • Ability to follow directions and meet deadlines including the thorough cleaning of a minimum of 16 rooms as specified by management.
  • Ability to comprehend English language sufficient to understand information such as labels and instructions and basic guest requests.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Behaves ethically.
  • Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner, general knowledge of the English language required. 
  • Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for a four diamond resort (Specific grooming standards are available for review).

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