Posted November 22, 2022

Bilingual Housekeeping Supervisor

Summary of Position:

The Housekeeping Supervisor facilitates a smooth transition between guests and associates.  Supervisor should be a friendly and dependable person who works well with others.  Efficiency and attention to details are crucial traits for this position. 

Essential Functions:

•Check VIP’s before 12 noon according to our Housekeeping VIP process.

•Check all Vacant Clean Suites, as assigned daily, to ensure quality of product.

•Check associate performance in terms of quality and efficiency.

•Coach and counsel, and keep management  when necessary.

•Ensure Suite Attendant training is accurate and thorough with no loose ends.

•Check and report out any Engineering challenges found in Suites or public areas.

•Maintain an open communication with Management staff to ensure quality service is being provided and report all challenges they may incur.

•Facilitate quick delivery of guest errands.

•Restock Cleaning supplies where and when needed, including being taken out to staff in the work area.

•Maintain Inventories, restock and keep organized areas.

•When needed, cleaning of suites; make beds, clean bathroom, all floor care, etc…

•Keep all work areas clean, professional and inviting.

•Open or close department, as availability is determined during interview and hiring process.

•Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, restrooms, and other public areas as needed.

•Other duties assigned by Executive Director of Housekeeping.


Education:High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.

Experience: Minimum two years of experience in Housekeeping

Certificates or Licenses: NA

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

•Must be fluent in Spanish and English

•Must be knowledgeable in general computer skills. And able to learn and use our Standard Operating Systems.

•Ability to train and supervise with strong leadership skills

•Ability to make quick and efficient decisions to benefit the team and guest.

•Ability to use a moderately complex computer system and troubleshoot software problems

•Knowledge of basic sanitation requirements/controls and applications of relevant chemicals.

Personal Characteristics:

•Behaves ethically

•Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner, effectively reading and writing, using the English and Spanish languages 

•Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for a four diamond resort (Specific grooming standards are available for review)

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