Posted September 10, 2021

Front Office Rooms Control Agent

Summary of Position:

Responsible for blocking all group and leisure guest reservations in Springer Miller system.

Manages available room’s inventory in Springer Miller system, including: special requests, long stay guests, VIP’s, managing late departures, etc. Coordinates the “rooms not ready” with the Front Office during periods of heavy occupancy.  Works with Housekeeping Department to ensure most efficient cycle time in turning rooms over to Front Office. Blocks all one and two-night “holes” in available inventory. Utilizes General Availability screen to identify potential inventory issues. Supports Front Desk staff by assisting at the Front Desk during peak arrival periods and break times, and answering all F/D telephones. Coordinates amenity delivery arrangements with Guest Suite Dining and ensure that rooms are “do not move” in Springer Miller system.

Pre-register and pre-key group rooms requiring satellite check-in, or at the group’s request. Coordinates the inventory management. Supports the Manager on Duty by assisting with room issues. Performs the functions of a Front Desk Agent during peak arrival or departure periods. Complete GROUP Resume requests. Manage Front Desk duties / key station at the Oasis satellite area, on specific, scheduled dates. Assist with Departmental New hire training needs. Oversee all 3rd party Accounting / Reconciliation billing needs.

Essential Functions:

  • During heavy arrival pattern when “rooms are waiting” and not available for guest arrival:  (Once rooms become available and no guests are waiting, normal F/D check in procedures will begin).
  • Ultimate goal is to ensure the MOST efficient and equitable check in process for guests.
  • “Rooms Control” duty assigned to 1 main GSA agent (Supervisor / GSA)
  • Assigned person has complete control of process for their shift
  • F/D agent informs guest that there are no available rooms and their room(s) will be assigned in the order in which they arrived.
  • They notate: 1. Guest arrival time on reg. card, 2. Bed type request, 3. View request, 4. connector or “close to” request. 5.  Guest cell phone number. Place guest in the “Job Queue”, in Springer Miller.
  • Complete preliminary check in process – take credit card, ONLY assign room(s) which request connecting locations, give out waterpark passes, get guest signature on registration card at this time, hand out card with phone number to call to find out status, and inform guest they do not have to wait in F/D line a second time.  They need to be directed to Secondary desk where Rooms Ready bucket will be located with completed packet, including keys.
  • GSA to transfer notated registration card to Rooms Control agent.
  • Rooms Control agent to maintain stack of registration cards in proper timed order.
  • Rooms Control agent to Manage system with Housekeeping dispatcher on “rushed” rooms.  Rooms are continuously checked for availability in SM and given to next available guest in the order in which guest arrived.  Once room is ready, Rooms Control agent checks room in, makes keys, calls guest cell phone, and places key packet in “Rooms Ready” bucket.  
  • Guest to pick up keys at Secondary Desk.  ID will be checked upon handing out of room keys.
  • Rooms Control person to answer all incoming phone calls to alleviate phone pressure from F/D agents.


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent required. College degree preferred.

Experience: Prior hospitality experience preferred.

Certificates or Licenses: N/A

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Ability to make quick and efficient decisions to benefit the company, team and guest.

Ability to memorize and perform Grand Service Standards.

Ability to use a moderately complex computer system and troubleshoot software problems

Ability to utilize a calculator to prepare moderately complex mathematical calculations without error.

Personal Characteristics:

Behaves ethically

Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner, effectively reading and writing, using the English language

Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for a four diamond resort (Specific grooming standards are available for review)

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