Posted January 13, 2022

Waterpark Assistant Manager

Summary of Position:

The Oasis Recreation Manager is responsible for overseeing all lifeguard hiring, training, and safety and guest activity programs. Must maintain administrative organization and control labor. In addition, the Oasis Recreation Manager must have a strong grasp of Food and Beverage as well as resort operations.

Essential Functions:

•On a daily basis, oversee all lifeguard duties, safety programs and safety audits. 

•Properly document all safety programs and audits.

•Maintain safety levels set forth by Starfish aquatics and other guiding factors.

•Help train all new hire lifeguards and ensure they are fit for the position by conducting new hire guard training and overseeing monthly in service training.

•Be on the floor with the guards, and food and beverage staff, when working, to ensure that all Resort standards are being met.

•Assist other Oasis Managers with special programs throughout the season to promote a fun and safe experience at the Oasis. i.e. Fourth of July guest activities like dance contests, special movies, etc. 

•Assist in food and beverage operation in the absence of the Oasis Operations Manager and/or Oasis Food & Beverage Manager.

•Maintain logs and records of certification and ensure that all staff meets the requirements set forth by the Oasis Operations Manager and company Risk Manager.

•Manage and direct head guards, recreation trainer, with the Managers assistance and guidance. 

•Assist Human Resources with the recruitment and hiring of lifeguards.

•Assist Oasis Operations Manager with tasks and activities while keeping labor in line with budget.

•On a regular basis (monthly), hold departmental meetings and attend resort meetings on a weekly basis as needed.

•Explain and implement the resort service standards to ensure that they are understood and ensure that everyone is living up to the resort’s expectations.

•Ensure that StarGuard (or equivalent assessment provider) evaluations must always have at least a “4 star” rating.

•Perform Lifeguard, Lead Lifeguard and any other positions’ responsibilities, as necessary.

•Coordinate and implement Safety Audit schedule with Oasis Operations Manager throughout the season. 

•Be able available to work nights holidays and weekends.

•Be flexible and knowledgeable in all areas of the Oasis Recreation/Food & Beverage program so one can perform those duties without question if needed.

•And any other tasks as assigned by the Oasis Operations Manager and/or the General Manager.


Education: High School diploma or graduation equivalent.  Bachelor Degree Preferred.

Experience: Prior lifeguard experience /public or private.

Certificates or Licenses: Lifeguard Trainer Certification, Maricopa County Food Service Worker

Card and Arizona Title IV Alcohol Certification

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

•Clerical/Organizational skills

•Starfish Aquatics Lifeguard Trainer

•Strong Aquatics/safety background

•Excellent customer service and communication skills

•Ability to work effectively with a variety of people

•Ability to stand for long periods of time, assisting guests

•Ability to work outside in all weather conditions

•Ability to memorize and perform Resort Standards 

Personal Characteristics:

•Behaves ethically

•Communicates effectively: Speaks and listens in a clear, thorough, and timely manner, effectively reading and writing, using the English language

•Professional Appearance: Exhibits an appearance appropriate for our resort, specific grooming standards are available for review in Human Resources

*This position is a safety-sensitive position. Under the law, safety-sensitive positions are defined as positions where the employee operates, repairs, maintains or monitors the performance or operation of a motor vehicle, equipment, machinery, or power tools. Safety-sensitive positions may also include jobs where the tasks or duties required of the employee could affect the safety or health of the employee performing the task or others.

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